It's Julien is a fashion and lifestyle blog catered to women looking for budget-friendly inspiration for everyday style. I'll also help you decide how to curate your closet and decide which items are worth investing in.

Julien aims to conquer style challenges (like how to wear a crop top to work), loves sharing her favorite local shops, and covers DC's most fashionable events. She lives in the DC area with her hubby and their mischievous pup, Dallas. To get to know her quirky side, check out these 26 Things You Probably Don't Know About Julien.

Her career started working in the magazine industry, and now works full time as a marketing coordinator for a commercial real estate company. She started blogging because she yearns for all that sparkles.

Julien loves collaborating with brands to bring new and exciting content to her readers. Julien loves getting email so send your message to Julien (at) if you have a fun project or idea!


If Julien has been given compensation or gifted a product, it will be stated in the blogpost. Julien will only share items and products she absolutely loves. Duh.

It's Julien will sometimes participate in sharing her clothing through affiliate links and may receive commission off products purchased through those links. It's Julien may also participate in fun collaborations with other bloggers or brands, and will always state when she's been compensated or given a free product.

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Photo by Luke A. Wright